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Driving while intoxicated charges are prevalent in Belmar NJ. This is particularly true during the summer months when college students and young adults flock to the borough to enjoy the beach and clubs like the Boathouse and D’Jais. If you were arrested for DWI or operating under the influence of drugs, you need to retain an attorney with the knowledge to get you a dismissal.

The reason is because there is no plea bargaining of a DUI charge in NJ nor are you entitled to a jury trial. So if you want to avoid the mandatory drivers license suspension, thousands in financial consequences, and possibility of jail, you need to win your case. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall employs several former prosecutors and a team of highly trained DWI/DUI lawyers. We honestly cannot identify another group of criminal defense attorneys with so many who possess certification in both Field Sobriety Testing (“FST”) and on the Drager Alcotest Breath Test machine. Two of the members of the firm are even among a handful of instructors in FST in the entire state. We have defended thousands of DWI cases over the last few decades and many in Belmar. This only makes sense given the size of our firm and the fact that two of the attorneys have resided in the borough. The team is prepared to aggressively find issues that can allow us to succeed, whether through a plea that involves a dismissal/downgrade or at trial.

The consequences of a conviction for DWI will be dramatic if you lose your case in Belmar Municipal Court. For a first offense, you will have your license suspended for 3 months if your BAC is .08 to .099 and 7-12 months for blood alcohol concentration of .10% or above. A second offense carries a two year revocation of your license and 2-90 days in jail. If you are convicted of a third or subsequent offense, you will have to serve 180 days in jail and lose your license for 10 years. The penalties for refusal to submit to a breath test are similar to those that apply for DWI. There are significant enhancements, however, if the violation is for driving while intoxicated in a school zone. The key to sidestepping repercussions like these is the successful present issues that raise doubt concerning the motor vehicle stop, arrest, breath test reading, blood test, and/or the FST. The special training and experience of those at our firm allow us to succeed on these issues.

DWI, DUI & Refusal Lawyers in Belmar NJ

If you are truly interested in beating a N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 charge, there is no doubt that you will require the services of an attorney who can find the weaknesses in the state’s case and present them in a manner that provides the best opportunity for success. This may involve analyzing the facts of a case and presenting them to the prosecutor and judge such that a dismissal of the DWI is granted. In other cases, it will require the experience necessary to effectively present the case at trial. Our attorneys are prepared to see your case through and do what is need to protect your interests. Call us for a free consultation.

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