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When someone attempts to run away from police or is less than fully cooperative, a charge for obstructing the administration of law issued frequently issued by the Belmar Police. This violation isn’t any laughing matter as anyone convicted of this offense will have a record. So if you were arrested for obstruction in Belmar, make sure you take this matter seriously and consult an attorney. Our firm is available for free consultation at your convenience and are the largest and one of the most experienced criminal defense firms in the area. Several lawyers on our team are former prosecutors and we have been successfully appearing in Belmar Municipal Court for over 20 years.

Obstructing Charges in Belmar NJ

The law that applies to obstructing charges is N.J.S.A. 2C:29-1. This statute outlines those instances in which someone can be convicted of obstruction. N.J.S.A. 2C:29-1 provides that:

a. A person commits an offense if he purposely obstructs, impairs or perverts the administration of law or other governmental function or prevents or attempts to prevent a public servant from lawfully performing an official function by means of flight, intimidation, force, violence, or physical interference or obstacle, or by means of any independently unlawful act. This section does not apply to failure to perform a legal duty other than an official duty, or any other means of avoiding compliance with law without affirmative interference with governmental functions.

b. An offense under this section is a crime of the fourth degree if the actor obstructs the detection or investigation of a crime or the prosecution of a person for a crime, otherwise it is a disorderly persons offense.

A conviction for a disorderly persons offense for obstruction under subsection (a) above will give you a record and can result in a county jail term of up to 6 months. Fourth degree obstruction is more serious. It is a felony and involves the possibility of 18 months in state prison and a fine up to $10,000.

Belmar Obstructing The Administration of Law Attorneys

Anyone can have a lapse of judgment and run or try to destroy evidence in hopes of avoiding an arrest. What is crucial when this happens is to make sure that things don’t mushroom into something that is going to affect your life for years to come. The best way to avoid an escalation in your troubles is to hire the right lawyer. The Belmar criminal attorneys at our firm can provide a high level of representation as former prosecutors with decades practicing in municipal courts throughout Monmouth County. To reach a member of our team, call us anytime of day or night.

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